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South Carolina census statistical areas
The United States Census Bureau has defined 4 Combined Statistical Areas (CSAs),

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Chain reaction
A chain reaction is a sequence of reactions where a reactive product or by-product causes additional reactions to take place.

The neutron-fission chain reaction: a neutron plus a fissionable atom causes a fission resulting in a larger number of neutrons than was consumed in the initial reaction.
Chemical reactions, where a product of a reaction is itself a reactive particle which can cause more similar reactions. For example, every step of H2 + Cl2 chain reaction consumes one molecule of H2 or Cl2, one free radical H· or Cl· producing one HCl molecule and another free radical.
Electron avalanche process: Collisions of free electrons in a strong electric field forming "new" electrons to undergo the same process in successive cycles.

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The Chorister School is a pre-preparatory and preparatory day and boarding school for boys and girls aged 4-13 in Durham, England. It is located at 9 The College, a Grade I listed building adjacent to Durham Cathedral. The majority of the pupils at the school attend on a "day" basis, with about 30 boarders of both sexes making up the balance. Boys who are Choristers all board. Pupils are taught in small classes in a collection of historic buildings all of which form part of the College, or Cathedral Close.

Chorister SchoolChorister School History

Tony Blair (b. 1953), former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Rowan Atkinson (b. 1955), comedian, "Mr Bean"
Rear Admiral Jonathan A Burch, CBE, Director General Aircraft (Navy)
Sir John Laws, The Rt Hon Lord Justice Laws High Court Judge between 1992 and 1999, when he came to the Court of Appeal.
Sir Donald Limon, Assistant Clerk then Clerk to the House of Commons 1956-2006
Patrick McDermott "Paddy MacDee" BBC television and radio programme host, newsreader and commentator
Dr Peter Scott, Vice-Chancellor of Kingston University
John C N Slater, Q.C. Recorder of the Crown Court, Deputy High Court Judge and Arbitrator
Sir Peter Vardy, businessman and educationalist
Dr Dyfri Williams, Keeper of Greek and Roman Antiquities at the British Museum.

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The UEFA Euro 2004 (or just Euro 2004) was the twelfth edition of UEFA's quadriennial European Football Championship and was held in Portugal, for the first time, between June 12 and July 4, 2004. Like in the previous two editions, in England and Netherlands/Belgium, sixteen teams contested the final tournament after going through a qualification round which began in 2002. The tournament took place in ten venues located in eight cities — Aveiro, Braga, Coimbra, Guimarães, Faro/Loulé, Leiria, Lisbon and Porto.
During the tournament there were several surprises: the German, Italian and Spanish national football teams were knocked out during the group stage; the title-holders France were eliminated in the quarterfinals by unfancied Greece, and the Portuguese hosts managed a winning streak towards the final, following their opening defeat, by beating Spain, England and The Netherlands along the way. For the first time, the final featured the same teams as the opening match, with the hosts losing both of them also for the first time. Portugal was beaten by Greece on both occasions. Greece's triumph was even more outstanding considering that in their only other appearance, back in 1980, they did not win a single game.
During the opening ceremony, the Portuguese portrayed a ship, symbolizing the voyages of the Portuguese explorers, sailing through a sea which gave place to the flags of all competing countries.

The sixteen teams that participated in the final tournament were:

Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria
Flag of Croatia Croatia
Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic
Flag of Denmark Denmark
Flag of England England
Flag of France France
Flag of Germany Germany
Flag of Greece Greece
Flag of Italy Italy
Flag of Latvia Latvia
Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands
Flag of Portugal Portugal (host)
Flag of Russia Russia
Flag of Spain Spain
Flag of Sweden Sweden
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Venues
Twelve referees were selected for the tournament:

Flag of Denmark Kim Milton Nielsen
Flag of England Mike Riley
Flag of France Gilles Veissière
Flag of Germany Markus Merk
Flag of Italy Pierluigi Collina
Flag of Norway Terje Hauge
Flag of Portugal Lucílio Batista
Flag of Russia Valentin Ivanov
Flag of Slovakia Ľuboš Micheľ
Flag of Spain Manuel Mejuto González
Flag of Sweden Anders Frisk
Flag of Switzerland Urs Meier Match officials

First round


  • For teams which finish level on points, the following tie-breakers are used:
    greater number of points in the matches between the teams in question;
    greater goal difference in matches between the teams in question;
    greater number of goals scored in matches between the teams in question;
    greater goal difference in all group games;
    greater number of goals scored in all group games;
    higher coefficient derived from EURO 2004 and 2002 World Cup qualifiers (points obtained divided by number of matches played);
    fair play conduct in EURO 2004;
    drawing of lots. Notes

    Main article: 2004 UEFA European Football Championship - Group A Group A

    Main article: 2004 UEFA European Football Championship - Group BEuro 2004 Group B

    Main article: 2004 UEFA European Football Championship - Group C Group C

    Main article: 2004 UEFA European Football Championship - Group D Group D

    Main article: 2004 European Football Championship knockout stage Knockout stages





    Euro 2004 Top Scorers

    Flag of the Czech Republic Milan Baroš
    Flag of the Netherlands Ruud van Nistelrooy
    Flag of England Wayne Rooney
    Flag of Denmark Jon Dahl Tomasson
    Flag of England Frank Lampard
    Flag of France Zinedine Zidane
    Flag of Greece Angelos Charisteas
    Flag of Sweden Henrik Larsson
    Flag of the Czech Republic Marek Heinz
    Flag of the Czech Republic Jan Koller
    Flag of France Thierry Henry
    Flag of Italy Antonio Cassano
    Flag of Portugal Cristiano Ronaldo
    Flag of Portugal Maniche
    Flag of Portugal Rui Costa
    Flag of Sweden Zlatan Ibrahimović
    Flag of Bulgaria Martin Petrov
    Flag of Croatia Dado Prso
    Flag of Croatia Igor Tudor
    Flag of Croatia Milan Rapaić
    Flag of Croatia Niko Kovac
    Flag of the Czech Republic Vladimír Šmicer
    Flag of Denmark Jesper Grønkjær
    Flag of England Michael Owen
    Flag of England Paul Scholes
    Flag of England Steven Gerrard
    Flag of France David Trézéguet
    Flag of Germany Michael Ballack
    Flag of Germany Torsten Frings
    Flag of Greece Angelos Basinas
    Flag of Greece Giorgos Karagounis
    Flag of Greece Traianos Dellas
    Flag of Greece Zisis Vryzas
    Flag of Italy Simone Perrotta
    Flag of Latvia Maris Verpakovskis
    Flag of the Netherlands Roy Makaay
    Flag of the Netherlands Wilfred Bouma
    Flag of Portugal Hélder Postiga
    Flag of Portugal Nuno Gomes
    Flag of Spain Fernando Morientes
    Flag of Spain Juan Carlos Valeron
    Flag of Sweden Fredrik Ljungberg
    Flag of Sweden Marcus Allbäck
    Flag of Sweden Mattias Jonson
    Flag of Russia Dmitri Bulykin
    Flag of Russia Dmitri Kirichenko
    Flag of Switzerland Johann Vonlanthen
    Flag of Croatia Igor Tudor (vs. France)
    Flag of Portugal Jorge Andrade (vs. Netherlands) Top scoring players

    Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic
    Flag of England England
    Flag of Portugal Portugal
    Flag of Sweden Sweden
    Flag of France France
    Flag of Greece Greece
    Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands
    Flag of Denmark Denmark
    Flag of Croatia Croatia
    Flag of Italy Italy
    Flag of Germany Germany
    Flag of Russia Russia
    Flag of Spain Spain
    Flag of Latvia Latvia
    Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
    Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria Top scoring teams
    2 Minutes : Dmitri Kirichenko (Russia vs Greece)


    2004 UEFA European Football Championship squads
    UEFA Euro 2004 Qualifying