Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Line No 1
An extension was built, the Dudley Canal Line No 2, to link the Dudley Canal, at Park Head Junction (near Netherton)), via Halesowen and a tunnel at Lapal, to the Worcester and Birmingham Canal at Selly Oak, Birmingham, thereby bypassing the congested canals of central Birmingham.
A loop around Bumble Hole was bypassed after the Netherton Tunnel Branch Canal made a connection through the Netherton Tunnel at Windmill End Junction in 1858. The cut-off loop became the Bumble Hole Branch Canal and Bushboil Arm after a collapse of the canal filled in part of the loop.
Lapal Tunnel collapsed in 1917 and the section from Lapal to Selly Oak is filled in. Part of the Lapal Tunnel was unearthed during the construction of the M5 motorway during the 1960s and it was filled with concrete. The Lapal Canal Trust is working on the restoration of the lost canal.

Dudley Canal Two Locks Line

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