Thursday, April 10, 2008

Commonwealth Realms
Her Majesty's Most Gracious Speech, However, the Queen often undertakes visits and speaks to the devolved bodies in a less official capacity. So far, she has been present and has given an address at all openings of the Scottish Parliament, usually speaking reflectively upon its accomplishments and wishing the institution well for its coming term rather than considering the plans of the Executive.

Speech from the Throne United Kingdom
In the other Commonwealth Realms, a similar speech to the British version is held in their respective legislatures. Generally, the Speech from the Throne will be read on Her Majesty's behalf by the relevant Governor-General, however if the Queen is present in the country she will often give the address in person. Queen Elizabeth II opened the Canadian Parliament with the Speech from the Throne in 1957, and again during her Silver Jubilee in 1977.
Australia and Canada, federated countries, also hold a Throne Speech in the state or provincial jurisdictions, used to outline local legislative plans. Typically these are performed by the respective state Governors or provincial Lieutenant Governor, who represent the sovereign in that area. The Constitution Act, 1867 is written in such a way that the Queen does not form a part of the provincial parliaments, only the pertinent Lieutenant Governor does; thus, the Queen of Canada does not read the Throne Speech in any of her provincial legislatures. Elizabeth II did, however, address the Legislative Assembly of Alberta from the chamber's throne during her tour of the province in 2005.

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