Wednesday, April 2, 2008

This article is about the town of Zalaegerszeg, for the football club, see Zalaegerszegi TE
Zalaegerszeg listen  (Croatian: Jagarsek) is the administrative center of Zala county, Western Hungary.


Roman Catholic church (Baroque)
Old county hall (18th century)
Hevesi Sándor Theatre
Göcsej Museum and open air museum
Museum of Oil Industry
Kisfaludi Strobl collection Tourist sights

Zalaegerszegi TE, local football team Famous people
Zalaegerszeg is twinned with:

Flag of Austria Klagenfurt, Austria
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Flag of Bulgaria Dobric, Bulgaria
Flag of Croatia Varaždin, Croatia
Flag of Finland Varkaus, Finland
Flag of Germany Kusel, Germany
Flag of Germany Marl, Germany
Flag of Italy Gorizia, Italy
Flag of Poland Krosno, Poland
Flag of Romania Târgu Mureş, Romania
Flag of Russia Surgut, Russia
Flag of Slovenia Lendava, Slovenia
Flag of Ukraine Kherson, Ukraine

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