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Duchy of Cornwall dispute
The English translation of the 17 March 1337 Great Charter (or in Latin "Magna Carta"), as deployed in Rowe v Brenton (Manning edition 1830) states that the King's son is "Duke of Cornwall and heir to the Kingdom of England".
A revised Government translation states that the King's son is "Duke of Cornwall in the Kingdom of England" (Halsbury's Laws 1973).
The Charter Roll of 16 March 1337 announcing the Great Charter said that inspiration was drawn from the time when Cornwall was recognised as being a separate Kingdom, and that the intention was to "restore Cornwall's original ancient honours". preventing MPs from raising questions about, or even attempting to discuss, these matters. On 16 July 1997 the Liberal Democrat Andrew George MP attempted to raise a Duchy-related question but he was prevented by an injunction that disallows MPs raising any questions in Parliament that are in any way related to the Duchy.
In 2006 the case for Cornwall, in respect of alleged violations of the European Convention of Human Rights, Articles 6, (independent and impartial courts); 8, (respect family life); 10, (freedom of expression); 13, (violations by officials); 14 with Protocol 12, (discrimination on the grounds of association with a national minority, property, birth or other status); 17, (the official destruction of rights); Protocol 1 Article 1, (property rights) with 385 supporting documents, was submitted by members of the Cornish Stannary Parliament to the European Court of Human Rights. On 13 April 2006 the Court stated that it: "will deal with the case as soon as practicable".

Discrepancies in the Great Charter translations


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1802–1806: Thomas Erskine
1806–1815: William Adam
1977–1983: The Marquess of Lothian
1990–1994: The Hon. Sir John Baring (later Lord Ashburton) Duchy of Cornwall Chancellor (Keeper of the Privy Seal)

1533–1550?: Sir Thomas Arundell
fl. 1722: Edward Eliot
bef. 1740–1748?: Richard Eliot
1751–1804: Edward Craggs-Eliot, 1st Baron Eliot
2000–present: The Hon. James Leigh-Pemberton Receiver-General

1613–?: Sir John Walter
1634–?: Sir Richard Lane
1643–1648?: Sir Robert Holborne
1783–1793: Thomas Erskine (later Lord Erskine)
1793–1800: Robert Graham Attorney-General

1747–1751: The Lord Baltimore
1751–1796?: Edward Bayntun-Rolt Surveyor-General

1843–1849: James Robert Gardiner
1993–1997: Sir John James
1997–present: Bertie Ross Keeper of the Records

?–1751: Robert Andrews
1751–bef. 1767?: William Trevannion
1957–?: Edmund Parker
1971–1993: Jeffery Bowman Solicitor-General

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