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Case Closed is also the title of a book on the JFK assassination by Gerald Posner.
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Case Closed, also known as Detective Conan (名探偵 コナン Meitantei Konan

Case Closed has the format of classical mystery fiction, with such classical set ups such as the Closed-Room-Type murder case, and cases with a limited number of suspects. It also includes the wrap up of the case and conclusion/solution of the case as in typical crime fiction.
Most episodes are self-contained, especially in the anime, which uses an episodic format (though multi-part episodes abound.) Occasionally there are also long story arcs.
A typical Conan episode begins with the main cast (usually either Conan, Richard, and Rachel, or Conan and the JR Detective League, or occasionally both groups together) arriving at a location and meeting several new characters. One of them eventually turns up dead, and the others are all possible suspects. Conan investigates (usually clandestinely) and uses various tricks to call the adults' attention to the different clues, usually in such a way that they won't suspect that he recognized them as being pertinent to the case. Eventually, Conan will discover some important clue that will confirm his suspicions of who the killer is; however the viewer will not be told the conclusion he has reached. At this point, Conan will wait until Richard and all the suspects are in the same room and then knock Richard out with a dart from his watch which has a tranqulizing substance on the tip (occasionally when Richard is not around, he will use another character). Then he impersonates Richard's voice with his bowtie and to make it look like Richard is the one who solved the murder (this is why Richard is called "The Sleeping Richard", or "Sleeping Moore" in the manga, because he always seems to be sleeping when he solves a mystery). At this point, the viewer is informed of Conan's deduction along with the characters themselves. The explanation usually starts with an explanation of how the murder was committed, ending with "Richard" revealing the killer's identity. The killer will usually deny it and point out that there is no proof, at which point Conan calls his/her bluff and reveals that he has found conclusive proof. At this point, the killer usually confesses and gives him/herself up, though occasionally they try to make a break for it. Either way, the story ends with the culprit safely behind bars. Often the final scene involves some sort of gag (usually involving Richard doing something stupid) to lighten the mood.
There are a few cases when the killer's identity is already known, however, he/she usually has an alibi of some sort, and Conan must figure out "how" they did it.
At the end of each episode, a hint is given as to how the following episode's murder is committed, and is shown on the screen.
Many references to other detective literature can also be found for fans of detective novels, and also includes a Detective Encyclopedia, where many characters of detective, mystery, and crime literature and film are introduced. These include: Sherlock Holmes; Kogoro Akechi; Hercule Poirot; Arsène Lupin; Jules Maigret; Kōsuke Kinda'ichi; Lieutenant Columbo; Zenigata Heiji; Philip Marlowe; C. Auguste Dupin; Ellery Queen; V. I. Warshawski; Father Brown; Cordelia Gray; Heizō Hasegawa; Matsuhiko Asami; and Nero Wolfe, so far.
In Japan, a new theatrical movie of Detective Conan is released every year in April during Golden Week. Also, regular appearances of one-hour specials as well as the yearly two-hour New Year special define the series.

Case Closed Series format
Since 1997, a movie based on the series is screened during the Golden Week of Japan. Because of the series' general popularity in Japan, most of the movies are number one in box office rating at debut, if not for several weeks. The list of movies screened so far include:

Case Closed Movies

For more details on this topic, see List of Case Closed music tracks. Music
The 4th is the first to show officer Wilder. The 5th is the first to introduce Shiho/Ai. The 6th is the first and only to show the music artists who sing the intro in the intro. The 7th is the first to show all the main officers that work with Inspector Meguire as well as Rachel's mother (Eva Kadan). The 10th is the first to show Gin and Vodka thoroughly in the intro credits. The 13th is the first to show ALL the officers including those who don't work with Meguire, plus, Jodie, Shuichi, Araide, Yukiko, Yusaku, and the new BO member Vermouth. The 15th introduces James Black and the FBI Agents (Jodie Santemillion and Shuichi Akai). And the 16th Opening is the first to introduce new members of the Black Organization (Kir, Chianti, and Korn). The 17th Opening recycles visuals from the previous openings (13-16), however, it adds Kir to Vermouth, Gin, and Vodka's group as the main black organization members. The 18th opening shows almost every contributing minor character in the series, and Kir as the only black corps member. The 19th and 20th Opening focuses mainly on Conan and Rachel's relationship and, unlike the previous, eliminates almost all the minor characters. .

Opening animation
From ending 1-18, the animation begins and end with the same video, however, in between they show different scenes of the currently aired episode. Starting ending 19, this differs and the animation displays a picture of Rachel and Jimmy in a photo sitting on a desk while things around the desk change. Ending 20 shows Conan wandering through the city passing various characters. Ending 21 shows Conan and Rachel as children. The 22nd and 23rd ending show an animation based on the relationship of Rachel and Jimmy. The 24th shows character outlines while displaying different views of the city. From ending 25-27, the animation resorts back to showing scenery of the episode while the beginning and end remain intact.

Ending animation
In the U.S. version the original songs were replaced by new songs using the same melodies and an English translation of the original lyrics. Seven of the original Japanese themes have been dubbed.

Adaptations elsewhere
As of August 2007, Detective Conan is airing on Yomiuri TV (producing TV station), NNS TV stations, and TV Miyazaki on Mondays at 7:30 p.m., after Kekkaishi, which is also from the same comic group. While its ratings have declined over the years, it is still one of the highest rated animes on Japanese television.

Broadcast and adaptations
The series was also later dubbed and translated into English by the anime television network Animax for broadcast across its English-language networks in Southeast Asia (including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines and several other countries in the region) Animax, whose founders include the studio behind the production of the anime series, TMS (along with other studios such as Sunrise, Toei and NAS) has also aired the series in its original network in Japan (in Japanese), as well as its other networks worldwide, including Hong Kong and Taiwan (where it was aired in Chinese).


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