Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Open Source (radio show)
Open Source is a radio show hosted by Christopher Lydon, previous host of The Connection. It is produced by UMass Lowell and Open Source Media, Inc. at the studios of WGBH (Boston, Massachusetts) and distributed by Public Radio International. The executive producer for the show is Mary McGrath.
The title refers to the show's use of practices used in the open source software movement and is a nod to the influence of the free software community based at the various universities in the Boston area. Listeners can choose to participate in the show not by calling in (which is difficult for listeners outside of the WGBH area because the show is generally broadcast on tape delay) but by responding to blog posts at their web site. Story topics are solicited from listeners and comments about guests and angles to explore are often discussed openly on the blog well before the show airs. Discussion after the show is aired also occurs on the web site, with suggestions made for future shows on the topic. The show can be downloaded and podcast as well, and is available under a Creative Commons NC-SA licence.
As of June 28, 2007, the show has been put on hiatus due to a lack of funds.

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