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Dalhousie University
Coordinates: 44°38′13″N, 63°35′30″W Dalhousie University is a university located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
As the largest post-secondary educational institution in the Maritime Provinces it offers a wide array of programmes, including a Medical Programme and the Dalhousie Law School. The chancellor is Dr. Richard Goldbloom; Dr. Tom Traves serves as president and vice-chancellor.

Dalhousie comprises eleven faculties:

Architecture and Planning
Arts and Social Sciences
Computer Science
Graduate Studies
Health Professions
Science Faculties
In 2005, 10,660 full-time undergraduate students and 2,640 full-time graduate students enrolled at Dalhousie. The final vote was No, with 57.3% of voters agreeing that the proposed improvements were unnecessary or should not be funded solely by student dollars. Had the referendum succeeded, the construction and renovations would have been funded through an increase in student fees of $10.00 per course, reaching a maximum of $100 per year, for several decades.

Current Issues

The current campus was designed by Andrew R. Cobb.
The school's Canadian Interuniversity Sport athletic teams are called the Dalhousie Tigers.
The first Friday in February of each year is Munro Day, a holiday celebrating financial contributions made to the school in its infancy by George Munro.
The newest building built on the Dalhousie Campus is the Kenneth C. Rowe Management Building.
Dalhousie's campus newspaper, the Dalhousie Gazette, was founded in 1868, making it the oldest student newspaper in Canada and one of the oldest continuously-running student newspapers in North America.
Dalhousie's colours of black and gold came from the jerseys worn by the Dalhousie University Rugby Football Club (who still wear those colours, as well as the school crest on their jerseys).
Among North American universities, only Harvard, Yale, Princeton, McGill and the University of Toronto boast more Rhodes Scholars than Dalhousie. Trivia
Further information: List of Dalhousie University people

Faculty members

Richard Bennett Hatfield, former Premier of New Brunswick
Scott Brison, Canadian Member of Parliament and past Candidate for leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada - Bachelor of Commerce
Barbara Fris, Canadian operatic soprano - Bachelor of Music (Performance)
Alexander Keith, Founder of Alexander Keith's Breweries
Eric Demaine - MacArthur Fellowship recipient
Michael Leir, Canadian High Commissioner to Australia
Shaun Majumder, Actor/Comedian
Alexa McDonough, previous national leader of the NDP
Chris Murphy, Bassist and vocalist of rock group Sloan
Kathryn D. Sullivan, First American woman to walk in space
George Elliot Clarke, Author and recipient of the Governor General's Award
Charles Peter McColough, Xerox CEO "great American business leader"
Darrell Dexter, Leader of Nova Scotia's New Democratic Party
Kishore Mahbubani, former Ambassador of the Republic of Singapore to the United Nations, Dean of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy
See Dalhousie Law School for law school alumni.
Adel Iskandar, author. Alumni
The Dalhousie Tigers are the athletic teams that represent Dalhousie University.

The Dalhousie University Rugby Football Club is the rugby union team which represents Dalhousie University. There are both men's and women's sides of the DURFC, with the men's side fielding both an A and a B team. The team colours are black and gold.

Rugby Team
Dalhousie University has been competing in the sport of rugby union in Nova Scotia since at least the 1880s.

Dalhousie University History
The DURFC women's side, since it is not an AUS sport, it is no longer eligible for the many awards they once were awards with. The women had had much success at wining the Academic All-Canadian awards year after year.


Dalhousie Law School
Dalhousie Tigers - varsity athletics teams
Fenwick Place
Fraternities and sororities at Dalhousie University
Rebecca Cohn Auditorium, a concert hall in the Dalhousie Arts Centre
University of King's College
Canadian Interuniversity Sport

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