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The Polish Cathedral style of North-American Catholic church is a genre of church architecture found throughout the Great Lakes and Middle Atlantic regions as well as in parts of New England in North America. The claim of different 'architectural styles' of Europe ascribed to these churches is misleading, as most of them are already labeled by art historians as examples of Eclecticism and Historicism, characterized by the various Architectural Revivals found in styles of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In these churches are found a mixture of architectural traits from numerous past eras characteristic of Europe and the Americas.

Polish Cathedral style List of churches built in the "Polish Cathedral" style

Eclecticism in art
Jozef Mazur, Polish-American painter and stained-glass artist
Tadeusz Żukotyński, Polish Catholic fine art painter and mural artist
Sr. Maria Stanisia, Polish-American fine art painter and restoration artist
Czesław Dźwigaj, Polish Catholic artist and sculptor
Holy Cross in Chicago, an ornately decorated church founded by Lithuanians in Chicago's Back of the Yards, which displays architectural affinities with the architecture of Polish Cathedrals.
Polish Americans
Poles in Chicago
Polish Roman Catholic Union of America
Roman Catholicism in Poland

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